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Da Vinci Code – India’s I & B Ministry Wusses out for now

NDTV is reporting that India's Information and Broadcasting (I & B) ministry is holding back the release of the movie 'Da Vinci Code'. The Censor board of India, the regulatory body that controls what is appropriate material in a movie and provides appropriate rating to movies, has cleared the film. Inspite of that, the I & B is holding the release citing 'sensitive subject' as a reason. We already know that many christian leaders are opposed to the movie being released and many have petitioned the Indian government regarding the issue.

All i can say is that for a secular government to give in to this bullshit is beyond reproach. The movie is being screened in that prudest of all christian societies – the US, for heaven's sake (yeah, the irony of the term 😉 ). The government should not be the one to decide if a movie is touching sensitive issues. And esp not pander to vote banks. As long as the censor board clears a movie with the appropriate rating, it should be allowed to be screened. Let the people decide if they want to see it or not. I was happy when movies such as Deepa Mehta's Fire were allowed to be screened. But looks like we have taken a turn for the worse again.

I have decided to protest against all depictions of noodles/pastas and related foods ( Esp those darn Maggie Ads). If we do not raise against this blasphemy HE will not bless us with His 'noodly appendage'. RAmen !

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