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Da Vinci Code – India’s I & B Ministry Wusses out for now

NDTV is reporting that India's Information and Broadcasting (I & B) ministry is holding back the release of the movie 'Da Vinci Code'. The Censor board of India, the regulatory body that controls what is appropriate material in a movie and provides appropriate rating to movies, has cleared the film. Inspite of that, the I & B is holding the release citing 'sensitive subject' as a reason. We already know that many christian leaders are opposed to the movie being released and many have petitioned the Indian government regarding the issue.

All i can say is that for a secular government to give in to this bullshit is beyond reproach. The movie is being screened in that prudest of all christian societies – the US, for heaven's sake (yeah, the irony of the term 😉 ). The government should not be the one to decide if a movie is touching sensitive issues. And esp not pander to vote banks. As long as the censor board clears a movie with the appropriate rating, it should be allowed to be screened. Let the people decide if they want to see it or not. I was happy when movies such as Deepa Mehta's Fire were allowed to be screened. But looks like we have taken a turn for the worse again.

I have decided to protest against all depictions of noodles/pastas and related foods ( Esp those darn Maggie Ads). If we do not raise against this blasphemy HE will not bless us with His 'noodly appendage'. RAmen !


May 16, 2006 - Posted by | India, Movies, Musings, Pastafarism, Politics, Religion


  1. […] Nothing pisses me off more than moral policing by an inept government who decides what movies I should watch or what books I should read. Dangit reports that the movie, Da Vinci Code is purpotedly being held back from release by India’s I & B Ministry. I’ll truly lose any faith that I have left in the Indian democratic state and freedom of expression principles if this happens for real. […]

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  2. Thanks… i shall be a convert to FSM.. i am indeed blessed to know of such a noble religion.

    We should be given Minority status in india… and i shall train to become the Arch Bishop from India.

    We should also prevent people from eating italian food. Protests should be done for the same

    Thanks for the generous comments on my blog

    Comment by Lakshmikanth | May 16, 2006

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