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Wet dreams for a truly developed blissful India

Disclaimer: I just realised that i have inadventantly 'internalized' either a blog post or comment that used the 'don't feed the people who just ate' metaphor. Since I didnt receive a 500k check (yet) for this post, i do intend to let that metaphor live on in my blog. And no, i am not planning any rewrites either! 

I saw this post on Sagaro's blog. I wanted to leave a comment but found myself typing furiously sentence after sentence. Since I realised I feel rather strongly about this and have quite a few things to say, I decided to write this in its own blog post.



You mentioned something about the constitution giving 22.5% to SC/ST and any lay abiding Indian citizen should accept that. You do know that Dr. Ambedkar, who was primarily responsible for such a quota system, didn't intend it to be a permanent system? He wanted the system to fade out and be completely gone. Whatever happened to that? The logic is simple – given the 'downtrodden' people X years to catch up. At the end of that period the play field should be levelled. And if there are still some who are, from that point onwards, unable to compete – well they are just stupid or incompetent. And there will always be incompetents in a population – are we to forever let them play catch up?? And why are the children of a person who already utilized the quota system to get a seat or job still allowed to use the quota ? Didnt they already get a chance to catch up? And if they have caught up and are in a financially good position, why are they taking up the seats that could go to another deserving SC/ST/BC/OBC candidate, let alone a deserving FC?

You say 50+ years wasnt enough? You say in the first 50+ years the plan wasn't implemented properly and there was still too much oppresion? Well i am sure we acn all agree that the FC are no longer the dominant force in politics or pretty much any other field. The Brahmins arent the veto force any more. Agreed? Let us start with today being Day Zero. Come up with an estimate – say 50 more years ( or heck even 100 more). Formulate some 'X' based quota system. Make sure those who have eaten arent the only ones eligible for more food over and over again.

At the end of the period determined, abolish the quota system and let merit be the only criteria. Throw in some need based assistance (more on how below). AFTER someone gets a seat based on merit, give them need based scholarship to pay for the seat. This would start with grade school and go all the way upto graduate study. Think the SC/ST/BC/OBC community would accept this? Or for that matter the vote bank pandering politicians who use this as a spring board to election victories at the expense of the only true suffering minority in India – the so called Forward Castes? ( yeah ok, some frustration here. Sue me for being pissed that i get a 90th percentile and find morons with 65th percentile getting admission before me. And the aforementioned morons invariably being far richer than my family )

How to have a feasible ( and as cheat proof as possible) Need based quota system:
( Or, wet dreams for a truly developed and blissful India )

Step 1) Make Income tax system better. Make it so that every body making any income, be it in bank jobs or by hauling garbage and rotting slush from farmlands files taxes. The american tax system can be used as a template – take the good, and learn from the mistakes. We are already rather developed in terms of the IT infrastructure this might need.

Step 2) Use Tax ID ( from the properly implemented system in step 1 ) to figure out NEED.

Step 3) Subsidize schooling upto 5th standard for all – across the board. Keep the politicians who would be obviously licking their lips at the sight of all the money away by meticulous accouting. (Well this IS my wet dream, remember?)

Step 4) Starting with middle school, since the kids already have had equal opportunity to get to this point, let merit be the sole criteria for getting admission.

Step 5) Once someone gains admission, use the NEED system to figure out if they can be approved for a scholarship.

Step 6) Step back and bask in the glory that is Mother India – opportunities for the smart, gutter cleaning jobs for the truly stupid and/or lazy bums.

step 7) Wake up and cry ?? 😦 ( I have been unable to avoid getting to this point so far, but one can only hope …)

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Evangelizing Blogs – Guy Kawasaki tells us the secrets of the Professionals

I just started this blog and wouldn't mind it if a few people came by to read some of what i have to say.

So i was looking for tips on how to get about spreading the word about my blog. And i came upon this post on Guy Kawasaki's blog. Guy is one of the early people behind Apple and is a very successful VC now. And he certainly knows a thing or two about marketing.

I will add my thoughts to this post once i finish reading his post and a few others on the subject.

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So it is like this …

I decided to start a blog (yet again).

I had a blog before. I blogged pretty assiduously ( YAY . Gooooooo GRE . Erm did i spell that correct ? ). Then for reasons that will become clear sometime in the future to all you dear readers ( and no, i am not talking to the RSS aggregators out there or the Google spiders ), I shut up, chucked everything and disappeared from the WWW.

I spent my time reading all the other blogs. The bloggers bragging about their traffic and blogcred, for pethamber's sake !! And some of them even had interesting stuff to say. After i had been bitten sore by the green bug called jealously, i decided that the world should not be deprived of my wise words any longer. Ofcourse that book deal I'll be making a couple of years down the line needs all the blog enteries to back it too. So watch out Kaavya ( another YAY. I am now officially a blogger. I have mentioned Kaavya. PS: She is a facebook buddy! ) – you and your 500K advance will be old news once my book deal is finalized. And yes, there will be plenty of plagarism in my work too. And I am announcing it right now – infact, that will be my main gimmic viz a viz said book.

What am I going to write about? My Life – The past, the present and the future. And not always in the same order. All the blogs I have seen seem to follow some sort of chronological order. Not Mine! I thrive on chaos. Infact chaos have been a dominant, nay defining, part of every aspect of my life. My blog will be no exception. In fact I might even have to use 'the Future Semiconditionally Modified Subinverted Plagal Past Subjunctive Intentional' grammar in quite a few of my posts. So there you have it, you now know what to expect. Fascinating stuff, I am sure you will agree.

I might not remember the exact details of any past ( or present ) events and anecdotes I am regaling you, my loyal audiance and future book buyers, with. So I plan to embelish a little here and there. What now ? Oh alright – I'll probably emblish a lot. Afterall not all of us can 'Internalize' past occurances :).

And if any of you have issues with that – well DANG IT ( Woot, Title mention !!!), its my blog, and I'll embelish if I want to!

PS: The astute reader might notice that I have quite the love affair with the puntuation symbol '!' (Otherwise known as the 'click' – see pronunciation of African names that start with '!' for further details )

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